Australia Post Christmas Delivery 2020 Update

Date :
November 18, 2020

What a year this has been! We have never been busier when it comes to online sales and the postmen (and women) of Australia have never worked harder. ‘Tis the season for online shopping but, word to the wise, with that comes a number of provisos that you need to consider when making your purchases. This is a season unlike any other, and that means that things need to be done a little differently. 

Australia Post Christmas Delivery 2020

A Call to Arms for Online Shoppers!

Feeling that sense of urgency? It’s real! You need to ensure that you start thinking ahead and that you avoid leaving your Christmas shopping to the last minute. Drivers are now only delivering every second day in many places to keep up with the stress of Covid and eCommerce. Imagine that chaos come Christmas time and you have got a recipe for online shopping disaster. 

Australia Post Shipping Dates 2020

Shipping dates have been brought ahead significantly which means that you need to put your planning hats on now in order to make gift deadlines. It’s November – Christmas is LITERALLY just around the corner and if you haven’t thought ahead you are going to be in for a world of worry come the big day. 

Read more about Australia Post Shipping Dates 2020 here. 

If there was EVER a year that needed to feel special, it’s this one. We’ve all been through so much and many of us haven’t seen our families for close to a year. It’s been hard and we need our spirits lifted. 

Stuffing Those Christmas Stockings

May Gibbs proudly offers a wide range of perfect presents guarantee to surprise and delight any recipient, large or small. From clothing ranges suited for everyone from babies to adults, sustainably suitable beeswax wraps, our classic range of books suited for little learners of every age and perfect art pieces that will illuminate any space – there are a whole lot of gifts to be givin’ when it comes to shopping the May Gibbs range. 

Shop Local to support the big picture

This Christmas is the perfect season to instigate a little Australiana around the Christmas tree. Shopping early, and shopping smartly, means that you will ensure this Christmas is a happy one. This festive season is going to be busy so make sure you get in early to help Santa make it there on time.