Learning Kindness: 5 Australian Characters Who Are Good Friends

Date :
June 7, 2019

Through the use of Australian books and familiar characters, you can encourage your child to be kind to others. Here’s how!

Parenting can be a tricky tightrope to walk in the early years of your child’s life. You are supposed to be moulding your tiny little people into the incredible, kind adults they’ll hopefully become someday. Using books to introduce the idea of empathy is a great, fun way of encouraging your child to be kind. But where do you begin? As always, we turn to May Gibbs to give us the answers, but there are a few modern gems, too. Read on to find out!

Throw kindness around like confetti

These Australian books and characters are among the best literary examples of teaching your child all about kindness.

May Gibbs Characters – Mr Lizard and Mrs Kookaburra

As possibly the most well-known of the Australian animal characters in May Gibbs’ books, Mrs Kookaburra is also the most kind. She appears in several of the Gumnut Babies books and acts as their mother figure. She is helpful, selfless and uses her knowledge and wisdom to help the Gumnut Babies whenever they’re in trouble.

One of her friends, Mr Lizard, is the animal character who appears in the most stories – 5, in fact. He’s brave, kind, and acts as a friend to both the Gumnut Babies and the Blossoms. Mr Lizard and Mrs Kookaburra show children everywhere that friendship and kindness are the most important things in life – and the most valuable.

Mem Fox – Who Ever You Are

Mem Fox has written a great number of books about kindness and friendship and the importance of both. One of her best is Whoever You Are which teaches children that no matter the colour of our hair, eyes or skin, all children laugh, cry, play and learn.
Their lives might be different, but all children are alike inside. The book is beautifully written and encourages children to rejoice in our differences and our similarities as human beings.

Rose Meets Mr Wintergarden

Rose Meets Mr Wintergarden by Bob Graham is a book about appearances, and how they can be deceiving. Gently told, the book explores how a little kindness can go a long way. When Rose’s ball goes over the fence of scary Mr Wintergarden’s garden, all the neighbourhood children are frightened. His garden is colourless and lets in no sun, and the children tell stories about it being guarded by a wolf and a crocodile. Rose’s mother encourages her to show Mr Wintergarden a little kindness, giving her hot fairy cakes and a bouquet of flowers to take over. The neighbourhood children are surprised to learn that Mr WIntergarden is not at all what they expected. Children will delight in this gorgeous tale about the benefits of being kind.

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