Have a Happy Australian Easter!

Date :
March 28, 2018

It’s nearly that time of year again in Australia – Easter! Just like other countries around the globe, many Australians enjoy celebrating Easter but our version has some uniquely Aussie differences. Traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs are now joined by fabulous bilbies, beautiful wombats and gorgeous koalas! Read on to find out more about celebrating an Australian Easter.


No Aussie Easter would be complete without the rituals!

While Easter is a religious holiday for many, in Australia it’s also celebrated by people who don’t claim any particular faith. Instead, it’s used as a time to gather together and take a break from work and life in general. It’s the start of the school holidays for most Australian states, so school aged-children are home. Most people also have a four-day weekend and use it to go camping, visit the beach or just take it easy!

It’s a well known fact that Aussies adore sport at any time of year – and Easter is no exception! Every Easter, Australians all over the country gather together to enjoy all manner of sporting events. From the international surfing competition at Bells Beach, Victoria , the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race, and of course our beloved AFL and NRL football games, sport is at the heart of an Australian Easter.

Another important – and yummy! – ritual in any Australian Easter is the hot cross bun. Honestly, an Easter without at least one hot cross bun isn’t worth thinking about! With countless delicious varieties including traditional spicy fruit bun, fruitless, chocolate chip, toffee and hazelnut, there’s a hot cross bun to suit every Aussie taste!


Just like millions of other children around the world, the Easter Bunny delivers chocolate to Aussie kids on Easter Sunday morning. There are a few differences though!

In the last couple of decades, the bilby has become a symbol of an Australian Easter rather than the more traditional rabbit. Bunnies have a more negative reputation in Australia, as they’re an introduced species that has caused a bit of damage to the environment. Bilbies on the other hand are native, endangered, and incredibly cute. Plus, the added awareness raised for Easter Bilbies is really helpful with conservation efforts. It’s a win/win!

As well as bilbies, Aussie children also receive chocolate wombats and koalas amongst the traditional chocolate egg and bunny shapes. And in Western Australia, the Margaret River Chocolate Company created a special seasonal product called Chokka the Quokka to aid research and conservation for this adorable but endangered Aussie marsupial.

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