Australian Themed Costumes: Fun May Gibbs Dress Ups

Date :
March 28, 2021



Australian Themed Costumes – Dress Ups Inspired by May Gibbs

Why wait for an excuse to dress up your little one? Children love playing dress ups, and Australian inspired options are sure to be extra cute. Australian themed costumes are few and far between when it comes to the big stockists, but May Gibbs clothing is available year-round! Before you visit the shopping centre looking for a costume, peruse the May Gibbs Australian themed costumes instead. We guarantee that there is something for every family! 


Not Just for Book Week

As if you need an excuse! May Gibbs costumes provide surprise, delight and a connection with rich, real literature that speaks to so much of our cultural background. No Americanisation or marketing links here! This is good, old fashioned Australian themed dress ups at their absolute best.


Australian-Themed-CostumeIf you’re looking for the very sweetest in home dress up clothes, you simply cannot go past this Gumnut babies dress up skirt or tutu. Your little one will delight in dancing and twirling around whilst clad in this gorgeous piece of Australian themed costuming.



Australian-Themed-CostumesYou will elicit a similar reaction in the May Gibbs Dress Up Gum Blossom Dress, the deliciously green Gumnut Babies Dress and the Ragged Blossom Dress. For the tinier tots, you could also try the Wattle Babies Dress or the Little Obelia Dress. These are a wonderful choice for a dress-up day at preschool or to simply be the blossom belle of the local playground!




Australian-Themed-CostumesAccessories include these gorgeous bags which can be used to store all kinds of Australian bush themed paraphernalia. Invite your children to go on a treasure hunt in their own backyard or the park to stuff these bags full with wattle, gumnuts and greenery.  



Why Choose May Gibbs Australian Themed Costumes? 

Firstly, you’ll be shopping Australian. It’s also a wonderful way to invite your children to make connections between literature and real-life play, as well as encouraging imagination and imaginative play. Don’t fall back on the overly prevalent American marketing materials that scatter large chain stores. Instead, buy quality, durable and gorgeously designed garments and accessories that will become play room staples. 

Promote sustainability and Australiana in your home – consider Australian themed dress ups next time you are looking to make a spend on costumes in your home.  


Miss LouiseMiss Louise
Miss Louise is a qualified teacher and here to help educators and teachers bring the magic of May Gibbs works to life for young minds