BEE The Change…. Teach Kids To Help Australian Animals at Home

Date :
November 15, 2018

We teach our children to be kind and care for another, but what about our native Australian animals? We seem to overlook these beautiful creatures and in times of drought, it is crucial that we do our bit to help.
Kids are naturally inquisitive about animals so use this interest to teach them how to care for animals in our own backyard and why it is so important.

How to attract Australian animals – bees, birds and butterflies

It is often the smallest acts that make the biggest change, and for animals, it is no different. These ideas are great for kids because they are simple yet effective.

Planting native trees

Growing native trees in your backyard is beneficial for not just the animals but you as well. They are cheap to buy, easy to grow and are typically drought tolerant. In addition to being quite attractive all year round, they are very low maintenance.
How they benefit animals:
• Provide shelter from the sun and rain
• Can be a great source of food for animals
• Attract animals like butterflies, bees, birds and lizards
There are countless trees and plants that help and are loved by animals. Some of the most commonly found are Eucalypts, Banksia (just like the Big Bad Banksia Men), Bottlebrushes, Wattles, Daisies, Lavender and Old Man Salt bush. Another option to attract more bees to your garden is to plant flowering fruits and vegetables.

How to care for animals in the drought

The most common tip you will read is to leave a bowl of water out for animals to keep hydrated, however, this is not always a good idea when you live in tropical areas as it encourages mosquitoes. Instead of this, consider the following:
• Provide shade
• Plant native fruit trees
• Water your trees and plants regularly as this provides fluids for bees, birds and butterflies.

Keep cats inside

While your beloved kitties may make a great family pet, they are predators that prey on birds. This is not ideal for our eco-system as birds play an important role in helping to pollinate gardens and crops. Not to mention, there are dangers outside for your cat like snakes and even cars.
Doing your bit to help Australian animals doesn’t have to be difficult. These tips are a great starting point to teach kids about caring for native animals. Nature smart kids are caring kids.

Do you have a tip to care for native Australian animals? Share it below.

BEE The Change…. Teach Kids To Help Australian Animals at Home