Gorgeous Gumnut Baby Inspired Birthday Party Ideas!

Date :
February 2, 2018

Who said kids’ birthday parties had to be all about princesses and superheroes? Embrace the beauty of your little Aussie with a Gumnut Baby-inspired party. May Gibbs’ Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are beloved icons of children’s literature and their cheeky, bush-loving personalities lend themselves perfectly to themed parties for boys or girls. Read on for birthday party ideas that capture the magic of the Gumnut Babies!

The Hurry-go-round

‘The Hurry-go-round’ from Nuttybub and Nittersing, 1923 by May Gibbs


Super simple Gumnut Baby decorations

Perhaps the very best thing about throwing a party inspired by Snugglepot and Cuddlepie is that the theme is so well suited to the great outdoors. This way your child and their little friends are free to run off a whole lot of energy without destroying your home in the process!

Where possible, head to the park or local nature reserve for the ideal Gumnut Baby setting – and let Mother Nature take care of the styling! If you’re braving a home party, bring a little touch of the Aussie bush inside with a simple bunting made of gum leaves.

picture of bunting made from gum leaves

Photo courtesy of Anna Branford Author


Or if you’re feeling extra creative (or you have little ones with allergies), you can cut out leaves and gumnuts from green and brown cardboard, and yellow tissue paper pom poms make the cutest little wattle flowers.


birthday party table with may gibbs inspired setting

Photo courtesy of Print & Party


Yummy birthday bush tucker

If you love all things baking and fondant, then a simple internet search for Snugglepot and Cuddlepie cakes will send your creativity into overdrive. But if trying to shape a ball of icing into a Gumnut Baby is not your thing, don’t panic! Koala biscuits are quick and easy to make and the kids will love them. Or why not transform the classic Aussie lamington? With the help of yellow food colouring and some desiccated coconut, you’ve got yourself a delicious wattle flower cake pop or if gum blossoms are more your style, try this Pink Lamington recipe! And of course, the Gumnut Babies could not survive without their bush berries so individual cups filled with mixed berries is a cute way to sneak in some good stuff.


Koala Biscuits Kidspot

Photo courtesy of Kidspot

Berry Cups - Bloom Designs

Photo courtesy of Bloom Designs


Gumnut Baby fun and games

The best kids’ birthday party ideas balance the inevitable sugar rush with some fun and physical activity. So why not organise a treasure hunt for your little party people? This is especially fun in a natural park setting where the list of things to find can include leaves, stones, feathers and other bush treasures. If your party guests are not yet reading, consider printing a treasure list with illustrations of what to find. And once the treasures have been found, why not encourage them to ‘write a note’ to Snugglepot and Cuddlepie on the leaves? Even pre-writers will enjoy using a felt pen to create a special message for the Gumnut Babies.


picture of children with gum nuts and gum leaves writing messages on gum leaves

Photo courtesy of Children’s Books Daily

Original illustration from Little Ragged Blossom by May Gibbs, 1920

Original illustration from Little Ragged Blossom, 1920 by May Gibbs


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