Book Week: Reading Is My Secret Power!

Date :
July 23, 2019

Book Week is fast approaching, and the theme this year – reading is my secret power! – is an interesting one. How can reading be a superpower? What benefits can your child gain by developing a love of reading, of making their reading skills one of their superpowers?

Reading is not only relaxing and fun – it opens magical portals into other worlds, into the minds of human beings who haven’t lived for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. It broadens the mind, both emotionally and physiologically. It teaches your child empathy and understanding, develops their imagination, and opens doors to a whole universe of knowledge. In short, reading is one of the most powerful skills you can teach your child. Read on to find out more!

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Reading gives you wings made of pages

As any bibliophile knows, reading is one the most important activities you can do to exercise your mind. Through developing literacy skills and obtaining knowledge and emotional intelligence, reading can enhance your child’s world. Of all the methods human beings can use to acquire knowledge and information, reading alone has survived millennia to stand the test of time.

Something that can take minutes or hours can literally change your life. That’s the power of reading.

When you read to your child, you’re opening their eyes as if by magic to a whole universe of knowledge and understanding that is really only the beginning of their journey into the written word. When you read to your child, you’re exploring the world through the eyes of someone else, which enables you and your child to feel empathy and understanding.

You’re providing your little ones with the tools to gain a deeper understanding of the world, to open up a whole new way of thinking about and dealing with important childhood issues like bullying, problems with friends or family members, or childhood emotional problems. The power of reading is incredible!

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Reading can also have a positive effect on your child’s health. Did you know. if you and your child read together for just 6 minutes, you can reduce both your stress levels by up to 68%.

Researchers at the University of Sussex believe that losing yourself in an engrossing book provides you with an escape from everyday life and helps you work through issues in your own life. In adults over 50 years, reading can lengthen your life by up to two years.

Imagine the health implications if you read for 20 minutes! Reading can also improve your child’s memory, particularly if they read chapter books. Making connections from one chapter to another forces the brain to think critically and promotes faster thinking. Word power definitely increases brain power!

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