Make a Bottlebrush Flower Crown

Date :
October 14, 2019

If you take a walk outside your neighbourhood you will notice the flowers and birds are out and about because it’s spring.

The great outdoors offers a multitude of play activities for kids to explore and enjoy nature. Much of which inspired May Gibbs with the characters of her much loved stories, including the native Bottlebrush.

May Gibbs Bottlebrush Babie

May Gibbs Bottlebrush Babie – original artwork from the South Perth Historical Society May Gibbs collection. Copyright The Northcott Society and Cerebral Palsy Alliance.


With so many beautiful flowers out for spring, it makes it an ideal time to make a flower crown.

The Bottlebrush is a delightful flower which looks spectacular when woven into a crown. You only need a few supplies to create this flower crown so your children can imitate a Bottlebrush Baby in the garden.

You will need:
• Bottlebrush flowers, stems and leaves
• Secateurs/Scissors
• Twist ties or florist tape
• Florist wire


Step 1: Create the crown by using two pieces of the florist wire to create a ring. This will be the base of the crown.

Step 2: Interweave Bottlebrush leaves and stems around the crown to hide the wire. Use twist ties to keep the Bottlebrushes in place.

Step 3: Interweave more leaves around the twist ties to hide them. I used green twist ties as they camouflage in the greenery. Even if they can still be seen, they add a bit of sparkle to the flower crown when the sunlight hits them.

Step 4: Once complete, wear it with pride in the garden.

You could use an assortment of other Australian native flowers to make your crown. Be sure to check the leaves for ants or insects when interweaving the branches.