How To Make a Bug Hotel

Date :
June 10, 2020

Make a Bug Hotel

Despite the cold weather settling in some parts of Australia, it’s still important to get outside and have a walk around the garden. 

Rake up some leaves, pick up some pine cones and gum nuts, and look for weeds which can be pulled from the garden. 

All these materials can be used to create a bug hotel. And this will give you another reason to explore your garden while learning from home. 

There are many types of bugs which can be found in the garden; from ants to bees to all types of flying insects. This Bug Hotel will certainly attract the bugs in your garden and give them a place to explore – and stay. 


Make a Bug Hotel

Empty juice or milk carton

Sharp knife


Selection of gumnuts, rocks, sticks, flowers, pine cones, green leaves and weeds

Toilet rolls (optional)

Craft glue

Hole punch (not pictured)

Bug Hotel sign


  1. Cut the corner of your carton to create the base for your bug hotel. Use the knife to make an incision and then use the scissors to cut the outline of your hotel into shape.Make a Bug Hotel
  2. Start placing layers in the carton for the bug hotel. Place heavier items first like rocks, and use gumnuts to fill any holes. Add some greenery like weeds and leaves for colour. You can place cut up toilet rolls inside, too. Glue each layer together to ensure it’s well supported if a bug lands on the surface. Make a Bug Hotel
  3. To create interesting platforms, hole punch a toilet roll and poke sticks inside. Bugs will love exploring this maze. Make a Bug Hotel
  4.  Add your Bug Hotel sign and place the bug hotel in the garden. Ensure it is placed in a shady spot that gets a bit of sun. Make a Bug Hotel

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