Bush Safety and the Camping Rules You Need To Know

Date :
February 28, 2021

Want to take the kids camping but worried about staying safe in the bush? Read on for our best camping safety tips to ensure your trip is a success.

Camping Safety: Our Best Tips For Going Bush!

Camping with kids is a great experience and one that will create memories to last a lifetime. But before you head out on an outdoor adventure, there are some very important bush safety lessons your child needs to learn. 

It’s time to explore and enjoy the bush, the right way! 

Rules for staying safe and sustainable while camping 

Teaching kids bush safety and how to camp responsibly does not have to be difficult. But it does need to be done. The risks associated with kids not knowing these simple but vital rules and skills are too great. 

How to prevent getting lost in the bush

Kids love exploring – and having the freedom to do it on their own only enhances their love of the bush. However, if camping remotely, there are some ground rules your kids should follow. 

       Follow the path 

       Keep a phone with them (if there is signal, they can send a location to you via google maps) 

       Explore during daylight 

       Don’t go completely alone. Take a friend or parent 

       Go old school and teach your child how to use a compass and look for landmark points to help them get back to camp. 

Playing spotlight… safely

Grab your torch and some friends and enjoy hours of fun! Just teach your kids these simple rules. 

       Stay out of other campers’ areas 

       Don’t shine torches into other camps 

       Don’t venture too far as the risk of getting lost at night is much higher 

       Give kids a walkie talkie each and keep one for parents as well. That way everyone can stay in touch and ensure everyone is safe. 

Fire safety

What kid doesn’t love fire?! It’s cool. It’s fun. But it is also dangerous. So teaching kids how to be responsible around fire is crucial. It is also a good idea to get the kids involved and teach them how to light a fire the right way. 

       Don’t run or play near the fire 

       Don’t throw anything foreign into the fire 

       Don’t play in old fire pits. They could still be hot or have hidden dangers under the ashes. 


The most important discussion to have with your kids besides camping safety is that they should take only photos and leave only footprints. Cause no damage to the natural surroundings, and always leave the bush environment the same or better than it was when you arrived. 

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