Make One Beautiful Butterfly Craft

Date :
September 11, 2020

butterfly craft

Butterflies are an important mode of transport for Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

The recent release of May Gibbs Gumnut Babies books helps young readers get a head start on learning how to count to 10 and the letters of the alphabet.

This butterfly craft was inspired from reading Gumnut Babies 123 where the first page reveals “1 for One beautiful butterfly”.

This craft activity encourages children to be creative with colours and patterns.



butterfly craft

You will need:

1 paper plate


Craft glue


1 fine tip paint brush and 1 thick brush

3 pom poms

1 pipe cleaner

2 googly eyes




1. Cut the paper plate in half and shape the wings by cutting two curves which meet at a point in the middle.

butterfly craft

2. Glue the outer curved edge of the paper plate halves together to create your butterfly.

butterfly craft

3. Paint the wings with your choice of colours. Why not flip through May Gibbs books you own to get inspiration for your colours.

butterfly craft

4. Use a fine tip paint brush to add lines and dot details to the wings.

butterfly craft

5. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and fold the ends for the antennas. Glue the folded pipe cleaner to the middle of your butterfly’s wings.

butterfly craft

6. Glue 3 pom poms to the Butterfly’s middle to create the body.

butterfly craft

7. Glue 2 googly eyes to the the top pom pom to create the head.

butterfly craft


There you have it, one beautiful butterfly!

butterfly craft

But why stop at one? They are so incredibly easy and effective to make.

You can make a number of butterflies and stick them to a window or wall as a motif.

Contribution from Crafty Bec
Crafty Bec is here to help stimulate little imaginations and spark a creative flame in little people. Inspired by May Gibbs’ own passion for creative writing and art, Bec helps educators and mums to embrace nature inspired creativity.