Buy a May Gibbs Gift – And Give More Than You Know

Date :
March 12, 2022

May Gibbs & Gifts That Keep On Giving

Did you know that when you buy May Gibbs gifts, you contribute to the good in the world? Because every bush baby knows that a ‘throw-away’ culture isn’t a great way to take care of our beautiful world.  

That’s why we create wholesome, lasting products and give back to our community with every purchase. 

Caring for people with disabilities

May Gibbs created the gorgeous gumnut creatures we grew up with and love sharing with our little ones today. But more than this, she wanted her works to leave a lasting legacy, so when she passed away in 1969, she left a bequest in her will, assigning the copyright of all the works she created in her lifetime to two charity organisations. 

One of these is the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) which does incredible work to help support people living with a disability. They help with everything from early childhood intervention services to therapy, life coaching, and supported independent living.  

Every time you buy a May Gibbs product, your purchase is making a real impact on the lives of people with disabilities, which we think is an incredible legacy! 


Colourful Australian natives cushions - May Gibbs Gifts

What else is there to love?

May Gibbs keeps an iconic Australian tradition alive 

May Gibbs stories and characters ooze the essence of the Australian bush, in a delightful celebration of our beautiful native flora and fauna. The gumnut babies, Lilly Pilly and Big Bad Banksia Men are just some of the characters every Aussie child should meet in her books.  

A celebration of imagination, learning and reading together  

May Gibbs stories bring families together, helping foster a love of reading in children and showing them how wonderful it can be to go on an adventure in the imagination.  

Intrinsically tied to nature and conservation 

As a new generation of children grow to love these iconic Aussie characters, they will develop a love and passion for our unique natural environment. What a wonderful thing to cultivate! 

May Gibbs products are made to last  

Creating quality products goes hand-in-hand with caring for our environment, so each gift can be cherished and passed on in time. 

It’s all so cute! 

Every adorable character is lovingly represented to create something special. And the gorgeous prints and décor options are perfect for precious family photos! 

We’re sure you didn’t need another reason to buy May Gibbs products, but when you shop May Gibbs, you’ll find a gift that means so much more.


Professor Michelle
Professor Michelle has a degree in Geography and a gypsy soul. She shares her love of culture and the natural world as a writer, traveller and mum to three gumnut kids growing wild in the bush in regional Australia.