Camping with Kids? Here's a Cute Little Project to Keep Them Busy!

Date :
June 23, 2020

“This is boring. Can we do something else?” Sound familiar? Put a stop to the complaints and make camping fun with this easy nature project.

Camping with kids provides so many opportunities to explore and discover not only the stunning destinations in Australia but also the beautiful flora that surrounds us. So, set up the tent, grab the kids and let’s go!

camping with kids
Making nature craft with kids

Combining the love of nature, the great outdoors and craft could be just the answer parents need to get their kids excited and entertained. This craft project is perfect for kids of all ages and requires very little, if anything, to be brought from home!

Grab a bucket or something to collect treasures.

Get the kids to scavenge your campground for sticks, leaves, grass, bark, sand, wood, flowers, etc. Basically anything they find interesting or beautiful.

*It is important that you don’t damage any plants, and you can minimise your impact on the environment by collecting only pieces that have fallen to the ground.

Grab your paper, paint, glue, etc. Or if you want to use only what nature has provided, a swept patch of dirt works perfectly.

Now it’s time to create your own pictures and artwork using the plants, leaves, and other bits you and your children have collected. You can recreate your surroundings or make something entirely different. Use your imagination. Have fun with it.

There are some ideas listed below to get you started.

camping with kids
Nature craft ideas when camping with kids

If you or the kids need some ideas to get your camping craft session started, these will certainly help! Use your collected items to create the following:

Flowers – You can use sticks as the stems and leaves as petals.
Trees – Use items like sticks, bark, flowers, grass.
Ground – This really depends where you are. It might be sand, dirt, woodchips, etc.
Animals – Bark, sticks, grass, leaves, etc. You can create many different animals with pieces of flora you find around your campsite.

Camping with kids is a great opportunity to not only have a lot of fun but also to teach them about why each item you have scavenged is important and why we should all take care of our environment.

*Be sure not to leave any of your rubbish behind. You should always leave nature cleaner and prettier than you found it!

Keep an eye on the May Gibbs’ News page for more nature-inspired activities for kids.

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Camper Kell is a camping and “things to do” blogger raising four free range little nature lovers. Kell helps little people embrace nature while while preserving our natural habitats for bush babies of the future.