Create a Chocolate Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day

Date :
May 1, 2022

Mother's Day Choc Flowers

Create a Chocolate Flower Bouquet for Mum

What can be more adorable than handing mum or grandma a Chocolate Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day? 

Inspired by May Gibb’s Gum Blossom Babies whose faces are framed by Australian flower petals, this bouquet uses the same technique.  

All you need are some cupcake patty cases to create your “flower petals” to frame individual chocolates to create a stunning (and delicious!) bouquet.  

Materials for Chocolate Flower Bouquet

  • Mother's Day Choc Flowers MaterialsCupcake liners large and small in different colours 
  • Wooden skewers 
  • Scissors 
  • Individually wrapped chocolates (Ferrero Rochers work well) 
  • Blue-Tak 



  • 1. Flatten out the large patty case.  
  • 2. Fold it in half and then half again. Fold it again to create a wedge shape.   
  • 3. Use scissors to trim the outer edge into a round shape. 
  • 4. Unravel your cupcake case and it will be the outer petal of your flower. 
  • 5. Flatten the smaller patty case. 
  • 6. Fold the patty case in half and then half again. 
  • Mother's Day Choc Flower Instructions
  • 7. Use the scissors to trim the outer edges where the patty case is indented. Unravel as this will be the inner petal of your flower. 
  • 8. Add a small amount of Blue-Tak to your wooden skewer. This will keep the flower petals and chocolate from moving down the skewer.  
  • 9. Pierce the skewer through the larger patty case petal, and then the second smaller patty case and finish with the chocolate on top.  

You can make a single chocolate stem to give away to the mums in your life. Or you can make a few stems to create a bouquet! 

Mother's Day Choc Flower Stem 2

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