Christmas Camping Ideas – Deck the Tent!

Date :
November 18, 2019

Christmas Camping Ideas – Deck The Tent With Boughs Of Gum Trees!

The silly season fast approaches and, lucky you, you’ve decided you’ll be camping over the holiday. Christmas camping can be an ideal way to get away from the maddening crowds and get back to nature – but how do you make your festivities POP when there’s nary an outlet for the Christmas lights to plug into?

christmas camping

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Ideas for the perfect Christmas camping trip

You will, it goes without saying, need to plan your trip well in advance in order to stake out prime position. You may well be in an area that’s shrouded in greenery or alternatively be somewhere near a beach. Whichever your choice, make sure it’s one that your family will enjoy.


You’ll be limited when it comes to cooking options once you’re in the actual campsite so it might be a good idea to cook in advance. Things like puddings can travel quite well but when it comes to attempting a roast you may want to look for alternatives. Consider a slap up Christmas Day breakfast that fills you up to the brim and then nibble on sandwiches for the rest of the day.


Give kids gifts that they can use in the here and now AND that will travel well with you. You may want to give them their presents before Christmas Day if they’re large ones (think bikes and scooters). Wrapping up small things (including your Santa gifts) is easy if you’re thinking things like books or even technology. Make sure everything is fully charged and ready to go before wrapping it.


You’ll be away from your extended family but hopefully you’ll be in a position to give them a call or share the love over FaceTime. If you’re out of signal, save your Christmas wishes for when you get back or have an early Christmas catch up before you leave.


This is where things get fun! Involve the kids by having them collect beautiful branches and leaves to build your own Christmas tree. Decorate with wattle and native flowers and bask in the glory that is a Christmas camping adventure.

Christmas camping

Remember to follow all rules and regulations of your local campsite to ensure you leave our beautiful environment just the way you found it. Leave nothing behind but footprints!

christmas camping

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