Mummy and Me Quality Time – Colouring in Together to Reset the Day

Date :
May 15, 2019

Being a mother to small children can be difficult, to say the very least. The days can seem very long when you’re dealing with temper tantrums, food refusal and round-the-clock exhaustion. It’s very common to feel like the walls are closing in as you yearn for peaceful relaxation that seems like some far away mirage.

Colouring in with children is a great way to insert a little calm into your daily chaos. Many adults have jumped on the colouring in craze as a means to connect with mindfulness and escape the stressors of everyday life. The same thinking can be applied to allowing children (and you!) time in the day to quietly and happily colour in.

In Favour of Picking Up the Crayons

Colouring in can improve the skill set children will later need for handwriting. It’s the focus on fine motor skills and attention to detail that can have further cognitive benefits as they continue to develop. Colouring in also requires relaxation, practise and focus – key elements when you’re trying to take a brief break from the chaos that is mothering small children!

The May Gibbs colouring sheets are the perfect conductor for promoting the focus and concentration that colouring can bring. You may well also find yourself entranced by the intricate images and pick up the colouring pencils yourself!

Reconnecting Through Creativity

Parenting is difficult and we sometimes feel disconnected from our kids, despite spending so much time with them. When things are stressful, everything can feel difficult, and you may well find yourself constantly in the disciplinarian role rather than peacefully enjoying your time at home.

Colouring in with children provides an excellent opportunity to strip away some of that tension and share a common, calming task together. The longer you sit with your child and colour in, showing them what patience and dedication to detail looks like, the longer they’ll sit with you and colour! Introducing this creative activity into your everyday schedule will soon see your child excitedly looking forward to their ‘mummy and me’ time, and eventually they’ll be able to work through their colouring in sheets more independently.

Colour Me Happy

There are so many advantages to colouring for both you and your child. Using gorgeous natural scenes means your child can unleash their creativity and then connect back to the stories you’re telling them about the native Australian bush. It’s a positive step for both mother and child, and one that will, hopefully, improve your day.

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Mummy and Me Quality Time – Colouring in Together to Reset the Day