Use May Gibbs Material to Cover a Diary

Date :
January 21, 2022

Cover a Diary in May Gibbs Fabric

Cover a Diary with May Gibbs Fabric

Starting a New Year means investing in new stationary like a diary! School holidays are often preparation for a new school year ahead with the purchasing of new books and of course a clear diary.  

To make your diary stand out from some of the basic ones offered, why not cover it over with May Gibbs material? You can enjoy May Gibbs illustrations all year round!  

Materials for May Gibbs Diary

May Gibbs Fabric Diary Cover Materials


  • New calendar year Diary 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Scissors 
  • Black cardboard 





  1. Select your fabric and give it a good iron to ensure there are no creases. Lay it on a flat surface to measure the fabric around the diary.  
  2. Make sure you lift one cover end of the diary to ensure the material is not too taut on the spine of the diary. Cut the material with a 2cm edge.  
  3. Trim diagonally at each corner of the diary as this will make it easier to fold into the cover.  
  4. Instructions to Cover a Diary in May Gibbs Fabric
  5. Use the hot glue gun to glue one edge down. 
  6. Continue to glue down the remaining edges to the inside cover of the diary. 
  7. Cut a piece of black cardboard to glue on the inside cover – this will hide the trim ends that have been glued on each inner side of the cover. 

Your diary is now ready to be used for the year. Best thing about this project is no one else will have the same diary as you… unless they choose the same material as you and complete this craft on the school holidays.  


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