Craft Projects for Toddlers – The Benefits of Nurturing their Gifts

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April 11, 2021

Craft Projects For ToddlersCraft projects for toddlers are a wonderful way of keeping little people entertained – and they’re also brilliant at developing little minds and bodies! Craft projects can foster so many skills crucial to your toddler’s future development – such as fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. They also boost brain health, promote stress relief, and improve your toddler’s memory. At this young age, play equals learning, and this is definitely the case when it comes to art and craft projects. Read on to find out more about how craft projects can benefit your toddler.  

Building crucial development skills

What does your little one love doing the most – colouring, drawing, or cutting out shapes to make collages? Whatever creative thing they love doing, it could be very beneficial for them – mentally and developmentally.  

Bilateral coordination

Painting, colouring, drawing and cutting are just a few craft activities that require your toddler to use both of their hands simultaneously. These skills are so important because bilateral coordination is essential to performing tasks like typing, and in playing sports or musical instruments. To encourage this skill, provide your two- to three-year-old with jumbo chalk and crayons, fingerpaints, and washable markers.  

Fine motor coordination

Drawing shapes, trying to colour within the lines, or cutting out patterns can accelerate the development of your toddler’s fine motor coordination. Hands-on crafts projects improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are essential for writing, eating, and dressing. It is imperative that your toddler develops strong muscles in their hands and wrists, so consider providing craft items such as toddler-safe scissors, play-dough, and finger paints.  

Promoting brain health and mindfulness

The benefits of craft projects for toddlers are more than simply developmental. Children who are encouraged to be creative generally feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work after finishing a craft project, which boosts their self-esteem. They have fun, and they’re happier for it.  

Boosting brain health

Craft projects also encourage communication between different parts of the brain. Your toddler engages their five senses to complete a project, creating connections in their brain known as neuroplasticity. This is crucial to the development of your toddler’s brain and its overall health.  

Promoting stress relief

If your child has trouble sleeping or experiences mood swings, they may be experiencing stress. Craft projects can once again come to the rescue – it can act as an outlet for their emotions. It’s exciting and enjoyable, and while working on a project, your toddler will experience decreased cortisol levels.  

 Improving memory

When undertaking a craft activity, your toddler will notice patterns and become aware of how they work together. Tasks such as simple jewellery or Christmas decoration making involves memorising designs, which leads to enhanced visualisation skills. The benefit to all of this is a much sharper memory.  

For ideas on craft projects for toddlers, check out May Gibbs for wonderful inspiration!


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