DIY Nature Confetti for Celebrations

Date :
October 3, 2021

Nature confetti

DIY Nature Confetti for Celebrations

Spring and summer bring an array of events like weddings, parties and festive functions. Confetti is a fun way to add excitement to an event, but the traditional glitter and paper options aren’t environmentally friendly. That’s where nature confetti comes in!  

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own sustainable nature confetti. Simply by using fallen leaves and a hole punch, you can make natural confetti that’s colourful and fun, but there’s no rubbish to clean up after – and the environment will thank you, too! 


  • Nature confettiLeaves of various colours and sizes 
  • Hole punch 
  • Shape hole punch 
  • Brown paper bag  (optional) 
  • Scissors  



Tips for choosing leaves for nature confetti

When selecting leaves to make nature confetti, here are some tips for successfully hole punching the leaves. 

  • Flat leaves work best as it’s easier to slide the hole punch onto the leaf’s edge 
  • Use leaves of various colours to create a colourful confetti 
  • Pick up discarded or wind-blown leaves on the ground. They are hardier than removing leaves from branches. Plus, leaves on branches are important for native wildlife like birds to perch on.  



  1. Select a leaf and slide the hole punch onto the leaf. Ensure the whole leaf edge is in the hole punch.  Nature confetti
  2. Punch a number of different holes on your leaf.  Nature confetti
  3. Use different hole punch shapes to create a fun confetti. We used a star and heart punch. If you don’t have those, a round hole punch will do the same job.  Nature confetti
  4. Once you’ve created your confetti, cut the corner of a brown paper bag and roll it into a cone shape to hold your confetti.  Nature confetti

Uses for nature confetti

There are so many uses for nature confetti. This environmentally friendly option will decompose and degenerate over time, unlike glitter or the paper and plastic confetti varieties.  

  • Throw the confetti over a happily married couple after the ceremony at an outdoor wedding  
  • Sprinkle outside for reindeer food at Christmas 
  • Glue onto cards for a budget friendly gift card 
  • Scatter outside for fairy play 
  • Disperse into a gift for a fun unwrapping 
  • Intersperse along the footpath on a nature walk for others to discover 
  • Layer into a jar as a gift for use in craft activities 


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