Australian Animal Easter Craft: Turn a Peg into a Bilby

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April 9, 2022

Bilby Peg Craft Finished Bilby Pegs

Australian Animal Easter Craft: Turn a Peg into a Bilby  

If you’re looking for an Australian Animal Easter Craft to do these school holidays, why not turn a peg into a Bilby? 

While bunnies and chocolate feature in many of the Easter festivities, the Bilby draws attention this time of year and for good reason.  

Save the Bilby Fund advise “in the last 100 years they (bilbies) have been pushed to the brink of extinction as a direct result of colonisation, change of land use, population growth, and introduced non-native species.” 

Learning more about this cute, furry animal is important to ensure its survival but also protect other species that may be threatened by their extinction. Our next Easter craft will explain why bilbies are an important part to the Australian ecosystem.  

Look out for Bilby Easter Eggs at the supermarket. Often the purchase of one of these eggs will support the conservation of these threatened animals. You might also want to purchase an egg or two for our next Easter craft.   


  • Craft - Bilby Peg MaterialsBanksia leaves 
  • Wooden peg 
  • 2 googly eyes 
  • Pink pom pom 
  • Pink pipe cleaner 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Tweezer (not pictured but useful when making this craft)  




1. Select two Banksia leaves which are similar in shape and size. These will be the ears for your Bilby. Use the hot glue gun to glue the ears to the pointy ends of the wooden peg.  

2. Glue the pom pom nose where the leaves meet on the peg.  

Bilby Peg Craft Instructions

3. Use tweezers to glue the eyes above the nose to create the face of your Bilby.  

4. Thread the pink pipe cleaner ends through the two holes in the peg. Twirl the ends at the back to create the Bilby’s tail. 

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