Easter Rock Painting

Date :
March 14, 2021

Easter Rock Painting CraftEaster in Australia is coming which means holidays are sooner than we think!  

The Easter long weekend offers everyone a chance to relax and enjoy the autumn weather. The heat of summer has usually eased and the start of cooler weather comes into play. This makes it a great time to go for walks, hikes or pottering in the garden.  

I love craft activities which involve a ‘hunt and gather’ approach.  

Our garden has an array of different rocks which are for decorative purposes. They are also handy for this Easter Rock Painting craft 

Dying or painting eggs is a popular craft activity in the lead up to Easter. There is a bit of prep work needed to do this though. With rock painting, all you need to do is find some oval shaped rocks.  


Easter Rock Painting MaterialsPaint 

Paint Brush 

Paper Plate 

Sense of adventure! 


The first step with this craft is to find oval shaped rocks which can be painted to look like an Easter Egg. This is the hardest part of the craft because rocks can come in all shapes and sizes. You will need a good eye to find the ideal rocks for this craft.  Easter Rock Painting Step 1

Once you’ve found your rocks, it’s time to paint patterns. You can paint stripes, dots, chevron stripes… your imagination is the limit.  Easter Rock Painting Step 2

Once you have painted your rocks, place them on the paper plate in a sunny location to dry.  Easter Rock Painting Step 3

Check if the paint has dried on the rocks and add extra paint if needed.  Easter Rock Painting Step 4

Once dry, you can display your rocks as an Easter centrepiece Paperbark Nest for Easter with Rock Eggs

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