Two Easy Frog Crafts You Can Make at Home

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September 10, 2021

Easy Frog Craft

Two Easy Frog Crafts You Can Make at Home

Green tree frogs are fascinating creatures and they feature in May Gibb’s Tales from the Billabong.  

When Snugglepot and Cuddlepie spot a leapfrog competition down by the Billabong, Snugglepot wants to join in. Snugglepot was always the braver of the two gumnut babies and takes part with the Frog family and other bush friends.  

The Frog family has been the inspiration for these two crafts. They can be easily created with craft materials you have at home or in the backyard.   

6 Interesting facts about Green Tree Frogs

Before we look at the crafts, here are some interesting facts about Green Tree Frogs. 

  • The average size of a Green Tree Frog is 10cm. 
  • Green Tree Frogs are found in all states of Australia except Tasmania and Victoria. 
  • They prefer to live in dark, cool places like wetlands, forests, woodlands and urban gardens. 
  • Green Tree Frogs are nocturnal and their diet is made up of bugs and insects. 
  • They are one of few frogs that croak. 
  • They are a threatened species and populations have declined due to land clearing and destruction of their habitat through use of chemicals. 

Now that we know a bit more about green tree frogs, let make a frog out of a paper plate and single green leaf.   

Materials for Paper Plate Green Frog

Easy Frog Craft

  • Paper Plate 
  • Scissors 
  • Paint brush and tray 
  • Green paint 
  • Sharpie 
  • Red paper 
  • Googly Eyes 
  • Glue 



  1. Cut your paper plate in half. Cut 4 circles from the other plate to create the eyes.  
  2. Paint the half plate green and 2 of the circles.  
  3. Draw black pupils inside the white circles to create eyes. 

Easy Frog Craft

  1. Allow the plate and eyes to dry. Cut a strip of red paper and roll so it gives the tongue shape.  
  2. Glue the eyes, draw the mouth and glue the tongue to create your paper plate frog face.  

Easy Frog Craft

How to make a Leaf Green Frog

To turn a leaf into a green frog, you will need to find a green leaf in the garden. I used a leaf from my Magnolia Tree. You’ll also need some of the materials you used above.  

Easy Frog Craft

  • Cut the top part of the leaf and leave 2 humps for the eyes.  
  • Glue googly eyes on the humps.  
  • Cut out a small piece of red paper and roll it to create a tongue.  
  • Glue the tongue on the inner crease of the leaf.  

To encourage Green Tree Frog populations in your backyard, why not create a hotel for them to feel safe in? Check out this post on how to create your very own Frog Hotel 

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