Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts Your Family Will Love

Date :
December 4, 2021

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

Merry Eco Christmas! Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts your Family will Love

 As we relearn how to take better care of our planet, eco-friendly Christmas gifts are becoming increasingly popular. And like May Gibbs’ iconic Gumnut world, we hope this trend stays much-loved for decades to come! 

If you’d like to make some more eco-friendly choices this festive season – or even take the plunge and have a plastic free Christmas – here’s where to start.  

Eco friendly Christmas gifts

When selecting eco-friendly gifts, remember: 

  • Select gifts made from natural, sustainably harvested materials. 
  • Avoid plastic. Plastic toys have had their day in the sun (many, in fact, as they live out their golden years as marine debris on tropical beaches).  
  • Invest in good quality. Well-made gifts will last.  

If you typically go nuts at Christmas time, buying mountains of gifts for your children, try this instead: 

Buy something they want; something they need; something to wear; and something to read.  

Something they want

This is the gift they’ve been begging you for all year. Or something purely indulgent that you know they’ll love.  

For the Gumnut girl dreaming of slipping into a world of pixie dust and fairies, a May Gibbs Dress Up may be the perfect ticket into a world of imagination. These quality, handmade  fairy dress ups are made to last, so they can be passed on to a sibling or kindy when your fairy princess grows out of hers.  

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

We love the dreamy Little Obelia Dress, which brings the treasured story of Little Obelia to life.  

Something they need

An opportunity to give your child something they need without giving in to pure functionality. Remember, it’s a gift, so feel free to make it special! 

If your child’s room is crying out for new linen, spruce it up with some gorgeous gumnut style.  

Plastic Free Christmas

Start with a May Gibbs X Kip&Co Desert Daycare Cotton Fitted Sheet featuring May Gibbs’ joyful, intricate designs of much-loved Gumnut characters. Top with a Desert Daycare Quilt Cover and matching pillow  

Something to wear

Update your child’s wardrobe with a special new item of clothing.  

Plastic Free Christmas

The May Gibbs x Walnut Melbourne Gabbi Dress Night Song features a beautiful flutter cap sleeve and intricate Gumnut design.   

Something to read

Books make wonderful presents. Buy one you know your child loves or offer them a new adventure to explore.  

Plastic Free Christmas

For a story to treasure together, choose The Gumnut Tales Collection by May Gibbs.  


Professor Michelle
Professor Michelle has a degree in Geography and a gypsy soul. She shares her love of culture and the natural world as a writer, traveller and mum to three gumnut kids growing wild in the bush in regional Australia.