Create a Gumnut Babies Inspired Backdrop for Your Newborn Photoshoot

Date :
October 26, 2020

newborn photoshoot

The months of September and October are known as the busiest months of the year for birthing babies.  

If you have a newborn baby sibling, a photoshoot is the perfect way to capture memories of this season of life. 

Many newborn photoshoots will involve a backdrop and props for extra wow and cute factor. 

This Gumnut Babies inspired backdrop is gender-neutral. It brings in natural elements of the outdoors and Australian natives, which were all part of May Gibbs’ inspiration when creating her much loved stories. 


Wicker laundry basket


Baby Rug or May Gibbs Billy Blanket

Branches of Australian Natives



1. Set up your prop design before taking it to the photoshoot location. The wicker basket is needed first. newborn photoshoot

2. Place a cushion in the wicker basket as this will be the platform for baby to lay on.newborn photoshoot

3. Layer the cushion with a textured throw. We used the May Gibbs Baby Rug.   newborn photoshoot

4. Once you’re happy with the overall look of the basket, take it outside for the photoshoot. newborn photoshoot

5. Lay Australian Native branches across the bottom of the basket. You may choose to add these once baby has been placed in the basket. Choose leafy branches and gumnuts for added textural effect. newborn photoshoot

Tips for photographing newborns

Newborns are best photographed between 6-10 days of age. This is because they are still sleepy and won’t move during a shoot. 

Babies of this age are also easy to put back to sleep with a feed.

It’s important to have the backdrop and props all set up before placing baby on the cushion to photograph.  Ensure it’s a safe environment for the photoshoot. 

Always have an extra set of hands to ensure baby is safe at all times during the shoot. 

If the family is prone to hay fever or allergies, avoid using real native branches as a prop – use faux plant alternatives instead. 

Choose a location out of direct sunlight and be mindful of shadows as you take the photos. 

The photoshoot needs to be swift so be well prepared and time the shoot where you will get the best light, but also when baby will most likely be sleeping. 

Without a doubt, these memories are ones you will look back on fondly for years to come. 

Crafty Bec
Crafty Bec is here to help stimulate little imaginations and spark a creative flame in little people. Inspired by May Gibbs’ own passion for creative writing and art, Bec helps educators and mums to embrace nature inspired creativity.