Gumnut Baby Christmas Decoration

Date :
December 19, 2021

Gumnut Christmas Decoration Craft

Gumnut Baby Christmas Tree Decorations

Handmade Christmas tree decorations make your tree look unique and personalised to you. Over the years, handmade decorations always bring a smile or memory to mind when they are brought out each December to be hung on the Christmas tree.  

I know of friends who purposefully buy a Christmas decoration from their holiday travels as a way to remember where they’ve been around the world. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to travel much over the last few years with the pandemic. But we have had time to do projects – like craft at home.  

If you’re planning an Australian themed Christmas, these Gumnut Baby Christmas Decorations will look fab on the tree or as a favour on the Christmas table.  

Materials for Gumnut Baby Christmas Decoration

  • Gumnut Baby Christmas Decoration* Pipe cleaners 
  • * Hot glue gun 
  • * Scissors 
  • * Black and red pen 
  • * Hemp cord 





  1. Collect your fallen gumnuts and check there are no insects or debris inside the gumnut.  
  2. Cut some hemp cord 15cm long and fold it over so the ends meet each other. Thread this through the wooden bead and tie a knot. Apply hot glue to the inside of the bead to allow the knotted end of the hemp to adhere to the bead.  
  3. Glue the wooden bead to the open end of the gumnut.  
  4. Gumnut Baby Christmas Craft Draw two closed eyes and a mouth using the black and red pens.  
  5. Roll a red pipe cleaner to make a beanie. Thread the green hemp cord through the beanie and hot glue this to the bead head. 
  6. Wrap the rest of the length of red pipe cleaner around the gumnut for a scarf.   

Gumnut Baby Christmas Tree Decorations

Once you make one Gumnut Baby Decoration, you will want to make more! So why not create a few Gumnut Babies to decorate your tree – or to give as gifts to grandparents and other much-loved relatives. 

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