Upcycle a Tin Can into a Gumnut Bush Vase

Date :
February 26, 2022

Upcycle a tin can into a gumnut bush vase

Upcycle a Tin Can into a Gorgeous Gumnut Bush Vase

Before you throw that empty tin can into the recycling, why not upcycle it into a Gumnut Bush Vase? 

This craft is such a sweet idea and can be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s certainly a cost-effective way to give flowers of appreciation to someone you love or simply just because.  

Materials for Gumnut Bush Vase

  • Materials for gumnut bush vaseEmpty tin can 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Scissors 
  • Woven fabric 
  • Woven ribbon 
  • Gathered and leaves 
  • Gathered flowers, leaves and branches (for a floral arrangement) 
  • String (optional) to keep your arrangement together 
  • Secateurs  



Step 1: Remove the outer label of the empty tin can. Soak it in hot water (get an adult to help) in the sink and the labels will easily come off. Once the can is dry, measure your woven fabric to cover the exterior of the tin can.  

Step 2: Use the hot glue gun to seal the woven fabric around the tin can.  

Instructions for upcycled tin gumnut bush vase

Step 3: Add woven ribbon as trim to the exterior of the can.  

Step 4: Use the hot glue gun to add gumnuts and eucalyptus leaf details to give the vase a rustic, bush feel.  

Completed upcycled tin gumnut bush vase

Once your tin vase is complete, gather your flowers, leaves and branches to create a floral arrangement. Use the secateurs to trim the ends so they fit into the vase.  

I gathered broken off branches and flowers after a storm to create my arrangement. Give new life to discarded branches in the garden. 

There is no right or wrong way to place your flowers in the vase. Have fun placing the flowers, gumnuts and leafy foliage in the vase to create a unique arrangement.  


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