What to Look For in a Kids Library Bag

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February 7, 2022

What to Look for In a Kids Library Bag

Got a Preppie?  You Will Need a Good Kids Library Bag

It’s your child’s first year in Prep – and they’ll need a library bag! But which library bag should you choose and what should you look for? 

Your soon-to-be preppie will be bringing home lots of books to help develop their literacy skills. Buying them a dedicated library bag that will keep their borrowed books safe and separate from their other belongings on their way to and from school is a must. There are so many kids’ library bags on the market that it can be hard to choose between them. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and can help you narrow it down – read on to find out how! 

How to choose a kids library bag

Prep is that all important time of your child’s life where they will be starting to develop habits they’ll continue well into adulthood – particularly with reading. We want to make reading as fun and exciting as we possibly can for them, and library bags are a great way to help encourage them to pick up a book. With these three categories, you can narrow down your options and make the best choice for your child – and hopefully foster a life-long love of books along the way! 


Kids are hard on their belongings. If they can knock it about, jump on it, screw it up in the bottom of their bag, or dribble food all over it, they will. So, you want their library bag to be super strong and long lasting. Choose a bag that’s quality made from a tough material – and that you can pop in the washing machine if need be.  

Easy carrying

This is very important for small children. If it’s not comfortable to carry, they’re not going to use it. It’ll become more like a chore than something to look forward to. Make sure you buy something with wide, comfortable shoulder straps that aren’t too long – you want the bag to be in proportion to their little bodies, so the books don’t drag along the ground. You also want to make sure it’s big enough to fit picture books in it – if they can’t fit their books in their bag, it’s useless! 

Fun designs

Let’s remind ourselves why we’re here – it’s all about making reading fun for kids! There are so many colourful, exciting, vibrant library bags out there, so choose one that suits your child’s personality. Consider a library bag with their favourite book, movie or Disney characters on them. Even better – give them a few options and let them choose their own!  

It might also be an idea to look for a bag that can be attached to the outside of your child’s school bag, to make carrying it easier, or one that can fit inside their school bag. This will depend entirely on your child and whether or not they’re likely to lose their library bag! 

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