Easy Koala Craft – Decorate Eucalyptus Lollies

Date :
July 2, 2022

Koala Eucaluypt Lollie craftBring cheer this winter with Koala Eucalyptus Lollies

This easy Koala Craft will cheer someone up who has a sore throat or a sniffly nose.  

Winter in Australia can be icy cold. It’s also the season for colds and flu. You might have even caught COVID, causing you to miss out on school and sport. It can be a miserable time of year. But a small token can bring a smile to a red-nosed face and these Koala decorated eucalyptus lollies will do just that.  

Koalas are one of my favourite Australian animals. Mr and Mrs Bear play wonderful hosts to Snugglepot and Cuddlepie on their adventures to Gumnut Town.   

The Koala is one of Australia’s most recognised native animals and to see one in the wild can be such a special experience.   

Interesting facts about koalas

Here are 5 interesting facts about Koalas which you may not know.  

Koalas are not bears or mammals. They are marsupials. This means they give birth to underdeveloped babies (joeys) and nurture their young through their pouch.

Koalas are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and are active during the night.

Koalas are herbivores. They eat eucalyptus leaves. 

Koalas can eat 1kg of eucalyptus leaves a day. 

Koalas can survive periods of time without water. The name ‘koala’ is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘no drink.’ Koalas can get most of their moisture from eucalyptus leaves. However, in heat spells, they can drink from water sources when needed. 

Materials for this Easy Koala Craft

  • Materials required for Koala Eucalyptus LolliesPacket of Eucalyptus Menthol lollies 
  • Newspaper 
  • Grey card 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick 
  • Black Sharpie pen 
  • Sticky tape (optional – you may prefer to use glue) 


STEP 1: Cut a section of newspaper approximately 15cm long and 10cm wide. 

STEP 2: Place the Eucalyptus lolly in the middle of the cut out paper. Roll each length side of the paper into the middle as if you’re wrapping a present. Glue together.  

STEP 3: Gently twist one end of the newspaper to create the end of the lolly shape.  

Step by step instructions for Koala Eucalyptus Lollie craft

STEP 4: Gently twist the other side. You can use a dab of glue into the twist so it holds its shape. 

STEP 5: Now, let’s turn the lolly face into a Koala! Glue two googly eyes, draw on a long, black nose. Cut two half circle shapes from the grey card for the Koala ears.  

Once the face is complete, you have yourself a cute Koala Eucalyptus drop, ready to give to someone who might need a soothing treat.  

Koala eucalyptus lollies

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