What’s Going On at the Library Near Me? Take the Kids & Find Out!

Date :
May 25, 2019

If you need to get the kids out of the house quick smart, you need only ask yourself one question – “What’s going on at the library near me?” The answer will keep you from tearing your hair out, we promise!

Anyone who has ever been to a public library knows that these places are veritable treasure troves, where every book is a portal into another world or a more magical version of this one. But if your kids are super-bored during the school holidays or it’s just a rainy Saturday and your tiny terrors are driving you nuts, your local library is bound to have some sort of event happening that will thrill them, entertain them and educate them – but in a fun way! Read on to find out more about why your local library is the number one place to take your kids to have fun – for free!

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Why choose a library near me?

Yes, libraries house thousands of books – fantasy, sci fi, crime novels, picture books for the little ones, factual books about every topic known to human kind – but they offer so much more than that.

A simple visit to your library can open a whole new world to your child. Every week, librarians around the country host literacy events for children. For half an hour or so, your child can sing and dance with kids their own age, and listen to wonderful picture books read by talented professionals. It helps develop a life-long love of the written word and keeps them coming back to the library again and again.

Ask your friendly local librarian about up and coming events your kids might enjoy. Often, libraries will invite local authors to give a talk, so your little bookworm may just meet his or her literary hero. There could be a range of bookish-themed tech events on, where kids can exercise their coding expertise and create objects from Harry Potter or Rick Riordan’s fabulous Olympus series. They can also play with robots and develop valuable technical skills. There could be themed story time sessions, such as ones celebrating the birth of Dr Seuss or the anniversary of Mem Fox’s wonderful Possum Magic. There are themed arts and crafts sessions celebrating periods of history, where your child could be encouraged to create a Medieval scene or to create their own Viking long ship. There could even be cooking sessions designed solely with children in mind, helping them to create their own kitchen-based masterpieces.

Whatever your child loves, there’s always something on offer at your local library – they’re your local suburb’s best kept secret. Why not spread the word?

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What’s Going On at the Library Near Me? Take the Kids & Find Out!