Lockdown Activities for Kids That Promote Wellness and Screen-Free Time

Date :
October 10, 2021

Lockdown Activities for Kids

Lockdown Activities for Kids That Promote Wellness and Screen-Free Time

Lockdown brings with it unique challenges for parents of young children. Juggling working from home whilst providing a stimulating and educational environment for little ones can often mean many among us struggle to fill the days with creative, cohesive and enjoyable play.  

The temptation to resort back to screens is very strong. Whilst they provide parents with a well-earned break so that they can address other business, screen time can mean that our younger population are stripped of the opportunity to engage in the kinds of stimulating and appropriate risk-taking play that they would be experiencing if they were in a different environment.  

Why Lockdown Activities for Kids Are Important

It is possible to provide learning opportunities through play that do not involve the ‘bleeping and blooping’ of screens, apps and video games. Engaging with children on their level to encourage them to partake in deeper cognitive action means that, once set in motion, their play can take on a mind of its own as they become engaged and engrossed in the creative and interesting activities you have set up for them. Investing in your child’s cognitive development during periods of lockdown means that you are setting them up for their future rather than worrying about their learning lagging behind during periods of unrest that are so often associated with lockdown. 

Some Ideas for Lockdown Activities for Kids

Consider the following ideas when it comes to planning your lockdown activities with young children. 

  • A native wildlife treasure hunt in the garden or park 
  • Creating collages using seeds, leaves and other fauna found on walks and journeys into the outdoors (mask and lockdown rules permitted, of course) 
  • Creating native Australian art using the May Gibbs books and images as inspiration 
  • Putting on a performance based on learnings about native wildlife, flora and fauna 
  • Creating costumes inspired by Australian animals and bush life 
  • Learning new songs like Kookaburra Sits on the Old Gum Tree and building artwork around Australian native concepts 
  • Arranging sweet bouquets of wildflowers and leaves found on a walk around the neighbourhood 
  • Pressing flowers to put into a photo album and finding out the native names of plant life to write underneath them  
  • Drawing fairies onto cardboard and placing them around the garden to create an otherworldly native tableau  
  • Lockdown Activities for Kids

Lockdown Activities for Kids in Isolation

Lockdown is difficult, there is no disputing that fact. Our young children struggle with a lack of socialisation and the ability to freely roam and explore. Craftingreading, singing, dancing, drawing and creating are boredom busters that will fill your days and promote joy in dark times.  

Lockdown Activities for Kids


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Miss Louise is a qualified teacher and here to help educators and teachers bring the magic of May Gibbs works to life for young minds