Make a Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week

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August 14, 2021

Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week

Make a Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week 

The Book Week theme for 2021 is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds and it will be held from 21st – 27thAugust.  

Since 1945, The Children’s Book Council of Australia has created a weeklong event to bring children and books together across Australia.  

This year’s theme is one which will take children on a journey of discovery. What world do they still wish to discover? Which books take them on a tour beyond their reality to a world unlike their current experience? 

With lockdowns, border closures and isolation events experienced in the last year due to the COVID19 pandemic, this year’s theme is one all children will enjoy getting on board with.  

And speaking of on board, a costume which encourages discoveries via mode of transport can make a brilliant Book Week costume, tailored to this year’s theme.  

A new world can be discovered by floating down a billabong in a canoe. Take lead from our Gumnut Babies, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie as they explore the billabong via canoe in Tales from the Gum Tree.  

This costume idea is simple and one that children can have imaginative play with at home. A Billabong Canoe Costume is the perfect accessory for your Gumnut Baby! 


Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week

  • A long stick
  • Two large green leaves 
  • Packing tape 
  • Long, empty box 
  • Scissors 
  • Stanley knife 

Instructions for Oars

The oars are simple to make.  

Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week

Grab your long stick – it needs to be 1 metre long.  

Find two large leaves in the garden. Banana leaves, elephant ears or tropical large leaves work best.  

Use the tape to fasten each leaf to the end of the stick to make your oar.  

Instructions for Canoe

Cut out the base of your box. This will allow for the feet to go through the bottom to make the canoe mobile.  Billabong Canoe Costume for Book WeekFlatten the box diagonally to create a point at each end. This will give shape to your canoe.  

To make straps for your canoe so it stays in place, lay 2 pieces of tape, 75cm each, and stick them together to create a strap. Make two straps for either side of the canoe. Tape each strap to the internal sides of the canoe.  

Use tape to also strap each point of the canoe so it stays in shape.  

Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week

Once complete, your canoe is ready to be worn. Wear a Petal Baby Headband or Bottlebrush Flower Crown to complete your costume.  

Billabong Canoe Costume for Book Week

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