Make a Stick Tree Christmas Decoration

Date :
November 11, 2019

A handmade Christmas tree decoration always adds a nostalgic twist to Christmas decorating. This decoration is an easy craft anyone can do and would make a sweet gift to a family member or teacher for Christmas. All you need is to gather some sticks from outside, as they make the base for this decoration.

Sticks are one of my favourite natural materials to craft with. They’re sturdy, rustic and can be glued any which way to create a variety of shapes. In this simple craft, any sticks will do. If you can’t find any bush sticks around your home, you could always use paddle pop sticks.


Hot glue gun
Brown twine
Gold ribbon
Pom poms


1. Gather your sticks and choose three where two sticks are longer than the other. Lay the ends to create a triangle shape.

2. Glue each end of the sticks to secure your triangle shape.

3. Tie the brown twine at the top of the triangle as this will make it easy to hang on your Christmas tree.

4. Start gluing pom poms to your triangle tree. We used the festive colours of green, red and yellow. You can use any colours you like though.

5. Tie gold ribbon on top of your tree for a sparkly embellishment. You could add a star gem if you have one.

6. Your Stick Tree Christmas Decoration is ready to be hung on the tree. Make a few to hang on your tree.