May Gibbs Dress Ups and Toys – The Perfect Non-Chocolate Gifts!

Date :
April 2, 2022


Celebrate Easter without the chocolate

Are you looking for a super sweet way to celebrate Easter  – without the chocolate? May Gibbs dress ups and toys are full of the wholesome wonder little gumnut babies delight in.  

Let’s explore – together we’ll find the perfect gift! 

May Gibbs dress ups

Share the delight of the gumnut forest world with your special little one with a beautiful May Gibbs dress up.  

Dress ups bring hours of play and joy, stimulating the imagination and helping our wild ones learn to build friendships, learn more about themselves and get lost in a story.  

May Gibbs Dress Ups: Little Obelia Dress

May Gibbs Dress Ups: Little Obelia Dress

Open up a world of fairy tales with the beautiful handmade Little Obelia Dress. Every fairy princess will be delighted with the exquisite ruffles and soft, airy colours.  

May Gibbs Dress Ups: Gum Leaf Bag


Every gumnut kid will need a bag to store their forest treasures in, and the May Gibbs Gum Leaf Bag is the perfect choice.  

With soft, draping leaves of iconic gum leaf style and your choice of strap colour, this gift will go well with a May Gibbs Dress Up. You can also get creative and style an outfit from home with this gorgeous bag as the finishing touch!  

May Gibbs Dress Ups: Gum Nut Wand

May Gibbs Dress Ups: Gumnut Wand

Every fairy needs a wand! 

The May Gibbs Gum Nut Wand is the ideal complement to any May Gibbs Dress Up, and comes in a choice of colours so your little gumnut fairy can feel absolutely magical.   

May Gibbs gifts for babies 

May Gibbs X Kip&Co Sweet Cheeks Playmat

Introduce your newest gumnut baby to the great outdoors with a picnic and some tummy time on the lovely Sweet Cheeks Playmat 

Let your little darling take in the dappled light of the leaves above, listen to the melodious songs of the birds and search for iconic gumnut babies hidden on this comfy mat.  

Supervised special times outdoors are the perfect way to nurture a love of nature right from the start.  

May Gibbs X Walnut Melbourne Sarah Soft Hat Lullaby

Sarah Soft Hat Easter Gift Idea

Protect baby’s face from the sun while outside with the cute-as-pie Sarah Soft Hat 

Featuring cotton candy colours and prancing gumnut babies, this super comfy hat is the perfect sugar-free but oh-so-sweet Easter gift.  

Still on the hunt for the perfect Easter gift for your little gumnuts? Visit the May Gibbs shop.


Professor Michelle 
Professor Michelle has a degree in Geography and a gypsy soul. She shares her love of culture and the natural world as a writer, traveller and mum to three gumnut kids growing wild in the bush in regional Australia.