Make a Mini Frog Hotel for the Garden

Date :
April 4, 2021

Mini Frog HotelDid you know that In Australia there are 208 frog species? Some can only be found in Australia and nowhere else in the world! 

Unfortunately, due to urbanisation, land clearing and pollution, frog populations have started to decline. Some have become extinct. 

In Queensland, there are 30 frog species which are vulnerable to extinction and are currently listed on the endangered list.  

One way to help frogs is to provide a safe habitat for them to explore, and what better way to do this than to build a mini frog hotel for the garden!  

Your frog hotel will attract Green Tree Frogs, which have the ability to climb PVC pipes. You may also see other species of Tree Frogs, too.  


  • Mini Frog Hotel MaterialsPVC Pipe in various widths (I used 50mm and 10mm)
  • PVC Bends or Adapters (I used a 100mm x 50mm adaptor) 
  • Bowl or shallow bucket 
  • Various sized rocks and pebbles 
  • Duct tape 
  • Saw and scissors 


  1. Mini Frog Hotel InstructionsSeal the hole in your bowl to prevent water leaking from the base of your intended hotel. You can also use silicone. If your bucket or bowl doesn’t have a drain hole, head to the next step. 
  2. Cut your PVC pipes into various lengths to create your hotel. Add bends or adaptors to create various sized openings for frogs to explore.  
  3. Use the duct tape to hold the various pipes together. This will ensure it is sturdy.  
  4.  Place the pipes into the bowl and layer with pebbles and rocks.  
  5. Once complete, move your Frog Hotel to the garden where it is in the shade. Add water to the base over the rocks. Don’t fill the PVC pipes with water as this has the potential to attract snakes.  
  6. Wait for friendly frogs to explore the hotel.  

Mini Frog Hotel Step 6

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