A Morning Routine for Toddlers That Makes Sense – and brings peace!

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August 6, 2019

It can be difficult to pair the words ‘peace’ and ‘toddler,’ particularly when it comes to the development of a stable morning routine. Mornings can be chaos-filled with feeding, dressing, tantrums and mess – so much so that many parents are reporting very high stress levels. But is it possible to develop a morning routine for toddlers that can bring a little peaceful relaxation back into your life?

The key to developing a serene morning routine, filled with joy and delight instead of stress and discord, is to arm yourself with an arsenal of tools that are functional yet interesting enough to capture the attention of your tiny tots. Rather than being held captive by the tantrums of a smaller – and angrier! – version of yourself, you’ll be able to have a relaxing start to the day (and potentially get a chance to finish that coffee).

Morning Routines for Toddlers That Work

As cliched as this advice may sound, the key to any good routine is preparation. Any of those little tasks that annoy you in the morning, like cleaning the kitchen or preparing outfits for the day, could effectively be done once (or if) your child is asleep the night before. Put yourself in a prepared frame of mind and you’ll be able to tackle anything that a small child can hurl at you during the day.

Meal Times

Meal times, particularly in the morning when everyone is in a rush, are a key source of stress for parents. You could potentially make this time of day easier by using crockery and cutlery that has a link to the favourite stories you use to tuck your children in at night. Imagine your delight when instead of food being flung on the floor, it’s happily eaten so your child can see their favourite characters staring back up at them. Bliss!


After the chaos of feeding time at the zoo, it is a great idea to unwind with a soft, peaceful activity. Reading is absolutely the best choice, particularly over morning television. Let your toddlers continue their morning routine while you foster a love of literature. Help them say good morning to their favourite literary friends while a soft, cuddly calm helps chase away the chaotic storm clouds that used to hang over your home.

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