Mothers Day Gift

Date :
May 9, 2019

Mothers day craft

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we all know a handmade gift is a gift of love. This craft is suggested for the older children to make due to the use of hot glue.

Whether it’s for Mum, Grandma or anyone special really this little trinket box can sit proudly and store jewellery, coins or keys. Perfect for little treasures.

You can of course use PVA but it will become tricky to hold and mold in its shape without falling apart so this craft is best left for those who can manage hot glue.

You will need:

Jute String


Hot Glue

Ribbon and Aust bush decorations

A board or surface that can hold hot glue.

mothers day craft

How to:

Use the Jute in one continuous length.  Be cautious of the glue it will burn, take your time and watch where you put the glue and you will be fine it will dry within a minute.

Start with making a snail shape with small dabs of glue to hold it together as you go around.

When you get to your desired base size then start moving the jute so it’s not on the side but on the top. Try for small long lengths of glue so it doesnt show on either side of the bowl.

Slowly and using that same continuous length just glue around and around till you have your desired bowl shape.

To finish cut the Jute and secure with glue to the bowl.

Decorate with your ribbon and some colourful Australaian bush decor and you have a beautiful handmade Mother’s Day gift of love.

mothers day craft