Make a Mrs Kookaburra Mask for Book Week

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October 12, 2020

Book Week

The theme for Children’s Book Week this year is “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds”.

The postponement of this years’ book week may take some parents by surprise. But we’ve put together an easy costume idea, taking cues from much-loved Tales from the Gum Tree

This year’s theme is one we thought a lot about when creating a costume. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie come across many curious creatures on their adventures. 

Kookaburras are certainly curious creatures in Australia’s natural landscape. What better creature to dress us as than Mrs Kookaburra?

 A simple mask made from an egg carton, worn with a faux fur vest can create an instant costume requiring little effort but plenty of curiosity!


book week

Recycled egg carton

White paint

Brown Paint

Paint Brushes

Brown and cream feathers 

White feather boa

Craft Glue




1. Cut a section of the egg carton to create the mask base. You need the pointy part for the nose and the egg indentations for the eyes. book week

2. Paint the mask white. Paint the beak brown. book weekbook week

3.Glue brown and cream feathers around the mask.  Remove sections of white feathers from the boa to layer over the brown and cream feathers. book week

  1. Paint a brown stripe across the face of the mask in line with the eye openings. Cut holes to make eye openings. book week

5. Use the end of the scissors to punch hole in each side of the mask. Thread through the elastic and tie a knot at each end so the mask can be fastened when worn.  

book week

A simple outfit of a white t-shirt and brown pants can be worn with the mask. Layer a faux fur vest for the body of the Kookaburra. 

book week

You could also wear the feather boa for extra texture or dismantle to create wings.

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