Native Flower Fish Craft

Date :
March 19, 2022

Completed Native Flower Fish Craft

Native Flower and Leaf Fish Craft

I love turning an object into something new by using my imagination 

Nature can inspire us to create art by using shapes, colours and textures to make something unique. Recycled products can also form the base of our creations. This may be why I hesitate throwing a box in the recycling bin. You never know what it can be turned into! 

The inspiration for this fish craft was from gathering recycled materials and selecting native flowers to create something new.  

Materials for Native Flower Fish Craft

  • Native Flower Leaf Fish Craft MaterialsEmpty paper towel roll or toilet rolls 
  • Various native leaves and flowers 
  • Hot glue gun or glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Googly eyes 




Step 1: Cut your empty paper towel roll in 3 equal sections.

Step 2: Cut a triangle section from one end to create the fish mouth. 

Native Flower Fish Craft Steps

Step 3: Get creative by placing leaves and flowers as fins and a tail on the fish. Place a googly eye above the mouth.  

Step 4: Make a variety of fish using various flowers and leaves. 

Once all your fish are made, why not turn a shoe box into an aquarium for your new fish to swim in? 

Think about what other crafts you can make from recycled goods, leaves and flowers. The possibilities are endless! 

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