Nursery Décor with an Australian Twist – May Gibbs Baby Gifts

Date :
September 18, 2019

Planning your child’s nursery can be both a fun and daunting project. Where do you start? What theme should it take? When you are selecting the best nursery décor, Australian themed rooms can provide a beautiful, classic look that will provide aspects of whimsy and charm into the most special room in your home. Nature, bush, fairies and magic will all work together to help craft a space that you and your child will love spending time in.

May Gibbs nursery décor items will do exactly that. The range combines timeless style with a contemporary flavour to improve any space, big or small, and create an atmosphere of calm.

Nursery Décor Australian Themed Style

Nature play and exposure to our natural world can help to shape your child’s enthusiasm for, and appreciation of, all things outdoors. You can create a beautiful, nature-inspired space with Gumnut Nursery Décor like art work, toys and baby essentials. Take your inspiration from the classic May Gibbs tales, and fashion the room in a muted colour palette that reflects the peace and tranquillity of the bush.

Select wall art or posters to position around the room. This is a great way to inspire conversations and stories with bub that will strengthen the bond you share and promote a lifelong love of literacy and language.

Sheets and bedding essentials that are inspired by flora and fauna can also add to the nature inspired style in a nursery. These beautiful pieces can bring a splash of colour to any room and make the perfect gift for the mum-to-be (or the mum-already). A well-chosen, colourful fitted sheet can inspire dreams of adventure and a sense of nostalgia that’s perfect for any nursery. Similarly, when bub grows up enough to have a pillow in their cot, a beautiful quilted pillowcase can encourage counting and finding as your little one hunts for the floral babies hiding amongst the gorgeous petals.

May GIbbs x Kip&Co Collection 2019


Add a soft cotton blanket to keep bub warm and snuggly (also perfect for those night feeds) and help to send bub off to sweet dreams of gumnuts and gum trees.

May Gibbs x Walnut Melbourne Billy Blanket Baby Face

Preparing for Baby

Australiana-themed baby nursery décor extends to the items you choose to prepare for bub’s arrival. Books, clothing and art can all work together, entwined with the concept of Australian sustainability. Shop the May Gibbs clothing range here.

May Gibbs x Walnut Melbourne Mini Sunny Sunhat Spring Floral lifestyle image

May Gibbs Nursery Décor Australia Themes

The littlest room in your home is the most important. It’s where you’ll while away the hours helping your little one to adjust to life in the big, wide world. An Australian theme in this space can help create an atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and gentleness that is sure to calm the tears and soothe the soul.

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