Petal Baby Peg Angel Decorations

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December 9, 2020

angel decoration

Christmas is coming and it’s time to think of ways to decorate the tree. 

An Australian Native Christmas is a fun way to bring nature into the festive season. 

Gardens and parks are plentiful with leafy branches and flowers for your creations. 

On a recent walk from dropping my girls to school, I came across petals on the concrete path. They were bright red in colour from a tall Illawarra Flame Tree

These trees are striking red and stand out amongst the purple Jacaranda trees. 

The petals were ornate.  I knew I needed to create some Petal Baby Angel decorations for our mini Christmas tree. 


angel decorations

Illawarra Flame Petals/Jacaranda Petals/Any tubular petals from the garden

Mini Wooden Pegs


Hot Glue Gun


Red Paper

Raffia Ribbon


1. Glue the petal flower on top of the wooden peg.angel decorations

2. Cut a strip of red paper. This will be for the flower skirt.

angel decorations

3. Cut slits into the strip of paper to create a flower petal skirt. angel decorations

4. Glue the skirt around the wooden doll.

angel decoration

  1. Wrap the raffia ribbon around to create a bow shape. These will be the wings for the petal baby. Hot glue the wings to the back of the petal baby.angel decoration
  2. Use the sharpie to add eyes and a mouth and your petal baby angel is complete.  The wooden legs allow for the angel to be pegged onto the Christmas tree branches. angel decoration

Make a few petal baby angels to cover your tree and intersperse with other native decorations. 

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