Remote Learning for Foundation Year – Inspire a Love of Learning!

Date :
May 10, 2020

As we embark on a remote learning adventure, we are presented with a real chance to change the lives of our younger children

These strange times can prove daunting for many parents. We are being faced with the prospect of facilitating our children’s learning as they navigate the work that is set for them by their teachers. Thanks to technology and careful planning on behalf of their beloved teachers, we are being presented with the opportunity to engage with a dynamic, flexible curriculum that gives us the chance to be more hands-on when it comes to seeing our little ones take part in their learning remotely. 

Remote learning is not to be confused with homeschooling. In our current situation, we are not expected to shape the curriculum for our students. That is being done for us by the professionals. What we can do, however, is supplement what their teachers are providing with literacy tools that can help to build on this excellent work – and to make life a little less stressful for us while we’re at it!

Tips for Inspiring Literacy for Small Children

A lot of the tasks that you’ll be asked to complete with your prep and foundation students will involve the reading of texts together. These texts will be delivered to you in a digital format.

There will be time and space for the reading of texts around the home. Selecting key stories that inspire and enhance imagination and creativity will be a great way to excite, not bore, little learners. They are confused enough without having to associate ‘reading’ with ‘work’ – and these simple stories of Australiana are just the ticket to ensure their needs are being met. 

Make Reading Fun

Children learn best when they’re enjoying themselves, too. So what’s the best way to go about it?


Work with the front cover. Ask your child to make predictions based on the illustrations as to what they think the story might be about. Who are the main characters? What will happen? What problems may arise? Talk through their ideas with them to get them excited about the book.

Reading Along

Take your time with each page – don’t rush through! Bedtime is a particularly great time to read as you’ll have a captive audience, but great reading can take place at any time. Let your child see how you’re forming the words and ask them to identify words or letters that they already know.

Get Arty!

After you’ve read the text to your child, create artwork inspired by the subject matter. May Gibbs tales are perfect for this because everything you’ll need is waiting for you in your own backyard. Leaves, grass, sticks – these can become masterpieces in the hands of a child.

Character Focus

Ask your child about their favourite character from the book. What did they like about that character? What can they remember? What might that character do, say or feel in a different situation? Plot out their responses in a spider diagram and ask your child to help you fill in the fields. 

Get inspired! Check out these fun educational activities – they’re perfect for remote learning.


Contributed By Miss Louise
Miss Louise is a qualified teacher and here to help educators and teachers bring the magic of May Gibbs works to life for young minds

Miss Louise