School Holiday Activities for Avid Little Readers!

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January 7, 2020

It’s hard to believe (didn’t we just HAVE school holidays like a month ago?) but it’s almost time for the long summer school holidays – and your avid little readers are going to need literary-themed school holiday activities to keep them busy! From day trips to the library, to outings to the theatre to watch Roald Dahl plays, and stay-at-home craft activities, we’ve got something to suit every little bookworm. Read on to find out more!

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Keep their little book-loving hearts happy this summer

Your local library

It may seem obvious, but your local library is a treasure trove for your little bookworm – and we’re not just talking about the books. Every school holidays, libraries around the country put on fabulous events and activities to keep your kids entertained. There are writing workshops for little budding authors, craft activities based on books, author talks, book-based dance and song events, and a whole lot more! Visit your local library and open up a universe of new worlds for your child to explore!

Absorb some culture – visit your favourite museum or art gallery!

Looking for school holiday activities that are both fun and educational? Museums and art galleries around the country will put on amazing exhibitions and events aimed at educating and exciting children – especially kids who love to learn and read. At Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, explore Water, a flowing indoor river, as well as a waterhole surrounded by animals, a series of obstacles for children to navigate. Kids can learn about the importance of water to every living thing, and how much we as a species rely on it. Introduce your child to Graham Base’s wonderful book, The Waterhole, or encourage them to read non-fiction titles to learn more about it. Other museums offer exhibitions based on animals or periods of history, space, or even food.

Get your craft on

Your child’s favourite books are craft projects begging to happen – and May Gibbs offers some brilliant inspiration for craft projects! From creating Mr Kookaburra to designing your own Gumnut Baby costume, there’s loads of ideas to get your kids’ creative juices flowing. These are also perfect rainy-day activities, or just a relaxing way to spend a hot summer day.

See Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Fantastic Mr Fox on the stage!

Roald Dahl has been a huge favourite with generations of children, and here in Australia we’re lucky enough to have several different productions of his beloved books on stage. In Brisbane, see Fantastic Mr Fox put on by the hugely talented Shake and Stir Company at QPAC, while in Melbourne, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical is currently enchanting audiences.

For more fun school holiday activities ideas, browse the May Gibbs site!



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