Make a Star Twig Decoration

Date :
September 24, 2021

Star Twig Decoration

Make a Star Twig Decoration

October is always a great time to start preparing for Christmas as it’s less than 3 months till the big day – and we all know how quickly October becomes December!  

If you’ve been thinking about adding some fun new decorations to your festive collection, the good news it doesn’t have to cost a fortune – or cost the planet. All you need is a little creativity! 

Homemade decorations and treats are beautiful ways to make memories when on a budget. This star twig decoration is a rustic piece which can be made as a gift using broken sticks from the yard. The only cost is your time to make it and the glue sticks for the hot glue gun.  


  • Star Twig DecorationTwigs/sticks of similar length and thickness 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Brown paper bag 
  • Secateurs (optional to trim twigs to length) 




Lay a brown paper bag to protect the surface from glue spills when creating your star. If the brown paper adheres to the glue, it will camouflage into the twigs.  

  1. Select your 5 twigs and design your star. It’s best to start with a triangle (open base bottom). Star Twig Decoration
  2. Lay one twig from the bottom right on the diagonal.  Star Twig Decoration
  3. Lay another twig from the bottom left on the diagonal. Star Twig Decoration
  4. Lay the final twig across the top to meet the ends of the diagonal sticks.  Star Twig Decoration
  5. Once you’re happy with your star, work backwards to remove the sticks and then start to use the glue gun to adhere each stick end to create the star.  
  6. When complete, you may decide to make another bigger star decoration using thicker sticks.  Star Twig Decoration

Ideas for using your Star Twig Decoration

  • Layer the stars one over the other against a console for Christmas décor 
  • Adorn the top of your Christmas tree with a twig star 
  • Give as a gift to a teacher or friend 
  • Loop ribbon onto a smaller star when wrapping a Christmas gift 
  • Use as a napkin holder for the Christmas table 

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