Aussie Camping Tucker: Tim Tam S’mores

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July 9, 2022

Tim Tam S'moresTim Tam S’mores: An Aussie take on American camping treats

Nothing beats relaxing by a camp fire in an Aussie winter. Whether you set up a fire pit in the backyard or go camping in the Aussie bush, a camp fire is a must to keep everyone warm and toasty.  

Of course, relaxing in these conditions can cause hunger pangs and sometimes a sweet, gooey treat will hit the spot with a hot chocolate.  

Tim Tam S’mores are an Aussie take on America’s camping treat which is traditionally a sandwich of crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows. The sweet and salty flavour makes this treat oh so moreish.  

Using Tim Tams will certainly elevate this sweet delight and because Tim Tams are only available in Australia, our American cousins will just have to take our word that this dessert will dominate with the moreish pangs!  

Ingredients for Tim Tam S’mores

Ingredients for Tim Tam S'mores

  • Packet of Tim Tams 
  • Marshmallows 
  • Camp Fire 
  • Stick 



STEP 1:  Add marshmallows to the end of your stick. 

STEP 1: marshallow on sticks

STEP 2:  Toast them on the camp fire. A good tip is to place your marshmallows near the white embers, not in the camp fire itself or you will end up with a burnt marshmallow.  

STEP 2: Toast marshmallow over fire

STEP 3:  Gently slide the marshmallows onto your Tim Tams.  

STEP 3 Slide marshallows onto Tim Tams

STEP 4:  Slam them together to make a sandwich and enjoy eating your gooey treat! 

STEP 4: Make a sandwich of Tim Tams and marshmallows

Why not buy a few different flavoured Tim Tams for a taste sensation? This dessert can certainly be tailored to everyone’s taste buds.  

Enjoy Tim Tam S'mores by the fire

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