What Can You Do At Wild Life Sydney Zoo?

Date :
May 9, 2018

With the cooler weather upon us, outdoor pursuits are somewhat limited. If you’re still keen for a nature fix and Wild Life encounter or two, take your little gumnuts to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo in the heart of Darling Harbour!

Meet the Aussie Big 5

The Wild Life Sydney Zoo presents the ‘Aussie Big 5’ to tourists and locals alike. Unlike other larger zoos, the Wild Life Sydney Zoo offers interactive Aussie wildlife encounters in a mostly indoor/undercover environment.

A quaint alternative to the bigger name zoos, the Wild Life Sydney Zoo is an enclosed animal haven focused on Australian wildlife, segregated into zones.

Kangaroo Walk-About

Hop into the kangaroo enclosure and meet the Wild Life Sydney Zoo’s resident Western Grey roos, Davy the Quokka, wallabies, echidnas and princess parrots. Enjoy the ‘Aussie Animal Encounter Show’ if you’d like to learn more about the zoo’s residents!

Butterfly Tropics

All little Aussie gumnut babies love butterflies! Head to the Butterfly Tropics and meet Australia’s colourful, fluttery friends. Look closely and you might see a tropical python or two and the Wild Life Sydney Zoo’s resident croc.

Devil’s Den

Two Tasmanian Devils, Topsy and Bub, call the Wild Life Sydney Zoo home. These two much-loved carnivorous marsupials educate local visitors on the plight of their species. Catch the ‘Tasmanian Devil Keeper Talk’ to learn more about the Devils’ critically endangered status.

Gumtree Valley

Gumnut babies love gumtrees just as much as koalas! Venture through Gumtree Valley and immerse yourselves in the waft of eucalyptus, all the while spotting a resident koala or two.

Wallaby Cliffs

Yellow footed rock wallabies jump around the cliffs of Wild Life Zoo Sydney, sharing their space with a bare nosed wombat called Ringo! Find your favourite furry friends under the watchful eye of the laughing kookaburras and perhaps spot a blue tongue lizard along the way.


While little Aussie gumnut babies sleep at night, another world of wildlife awakens! Enter the Nightfall enclosure and immerse yourselves in the nocturnal habitats of the Aussie ghost bats, yellow-bellied gliders and more.

Animal encounters at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo

If the above exhibits are not enough to tempt your own little gumnuts out of winter hibernation, you might like to consider some of the extras offered by Wild Life Sydney Zoo like Breakfast with the Koalas held every Saturday & Sunday morning from 7.15am.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo is open from 10am daily and located in the heart of the city, at Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour. Keep an eye out for an upcoming event inspired by your favourite Aussie bush babies!

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What Can You Do At Wild Life Sydney Zoo?