Creating Cuddlepie – The May Gibbs Story


‘Creating Cuddlepie’ tells of the life of May Gibbs, from her early childhood in England through to her journey to a new home in Australia, and her many creative achievements along the way. Part of the ‘Inspirational Australian Women’ series by Cassy Liberman.

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Creating Cuddlepie is the story of the wonderful, colourful, creative May Gibbs.

May was a woman who helped to define the unique character of the Australian identity during a time of intense change; with the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia and the advent of two world wars. It was to May Gibbs that the Australian public turned for her humour, her sense of wonder and her astute rendering of what was uniquely Australian.

More than 100 years since the birth of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, May Gibbs remains one of the greatest Australian illustrators and story-tellers of all time and an Inspirational Australian Woman.

This book is part of the ‘Inspirational Australian Women‘ series which is a series of extraordinary and highly original picture books for children on inspirational and courageous Australian women by Melbourne author Cassy Liberman.

“I want to provide our children with different female role models: women who may not have been mainstream or on screen, but they were determined and they followed their dreams. Creating Cuddlepie is a story about freedom of expression and perspective, it is about creating identity – both of oneself and of our community. Like all my books it is also about courage, determination and ways of being in the world, curiosity, community, encouraging others and also about beauty.” – author, Cassy Liberman

For teachers: Creating Cuddlepie Teacher’s Notes available HERE.

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