Aussie Bush Rock Weaving

Date :
January 20, 2021

rock weaving

Summer school holidays are a chance to relax and get creative.  

In Australia, it’s typically when families go away to camp or holiday near the beach. 

While outdoor activities are aplenty during summer, it’s good to mix it up with a creative and reflective activity. 

This Aussie Bush Rock Weaving craft can be done at home, while on a camping trip or a way to break up the beach day. Best of all it requires very little in terms of materials. Your supplies will be gathered from the surrounding bush – or your own backyard.  


rock weaving


Rubber Bands


Reed type leaves

Rock Weaving

There are so many different designs you can create with your rock weaving. It will test your fine motor skills as you wrap the rubber bands around your rock to weave through. 

rock weaving

The same steps will be applied to each rock design, but the pattern may differ. 

  1. Wrap your rubber bands around the rock. This will create the layer needed for weaving. 
  2. Weave your reed leaves over and under the rubber bands. 

You can create a simple weave. 

Or you can weave the leaves around to create a symbol. 

rock weaving

Alternatively, you could tie the leaf into a bow so the rock looks like a present. 

rock weaving

When complete, you can display your woven rocks in the garden or bring it home as a souvenir from your summer holiday. 

They make the best paperweight when reading a book. 

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