Bedtime Stories for Kids: Finding remarkable opportunities within

Date :
January 8, 2018

 How To Find Remarkable Opportunities Within Bedtime Stories For Kids

As most parents will know, reading Children’s books is an important and fun part of childhood. The remarkable opportunities within bedtime stories for kids includes developing their language skills, promoting a love of reading, enhancing family time, engaging their imagination and developing their understanding of the world.

What Is It About Children’s Bedtime Stories That Makes Them So Amazing?

Bedtime Stories For Kids Develop Your Child’s Language Skills

Reading to your child right from birth is beneficial in so many ways. Your baby listens to the soothing tones of your voice which can be instrumental in their language development. Most parents are eager to help their baby to talk , and reading is one of the best ways to achieve this. Reading bedtime stories for children teaches them vocabulary, sentence structure, tone of voice and intonation. As your child grows older, you can find activities that enhance their reading and increase these skills 

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Present Opposites board book
Children’s Books Promote A Love Of Reading

As a teacher, I have come across many reluctant, disillusioned readers. As parents, we can promote a love of reading by choosing quality and engaging kids books, and creating a calm environment for reading, such as a reading nook  or in bed before your child sleeps (when they are relaxed and not feeling ‘pressured’ to practise skills).

Children’s Stories Enhance Family Time

Reading to your child before bedtime can be a perfect opportunity for some uninterrupted family time. It promotes closeness as you and your family join in with the characters on their crazy adventures, laughing and crying together!

Bedtime Stories For Kids Engage Their Imagination

Children’s books conjure up a range of characters, settings and plots. As children are exposed to diverse concepts, they begin to develop their own imaginations. This can enhance their language skills for creating their own texts, as well as developing their creativity and problem solving skills.

Books Can Help Children Understand The World

As previously mentioned, books are full of a myriad of individuals, places and circumstances that can teach children about the world around them. Children reading a book set in another country, for example, can learn a lot about the culture and population from the contents of that book (they can also learn a lot about stereotypes too!). This practice of reading a wide range of books can help students become engaged global citizens as they continue learning about the world around them.

The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie hardback book

The Magic of Children’s Bedtime Stories

Reading bedtime stories for kids is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family in so many ways. It helps with language skill development, it promotes a love of reading, enhances family time, engages children’s imaginations and builds on their understanding of the world.

So how do we read bedtime stories to our children?

Choose an appropriate book – for young children, lots of pictures and engaging characters. For older children, try choosing books about topics they’re interested in or books they can help read.

Set the scene – choose a comfortable, relaxing spot to read in. Maybe your child is in bed, or the whole family is in bed together! Whatever it is, everyone needs to feel relaxed and comfortable to make it an enjoyable experience.

Make it fun – try not to focus too much on ‘learning skills’. Have fun with reading so the whole family can enjoy!

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