Natures Letters Craft

Date :
March 7, 2019

Make learning and letters and numbers fun with these nature craft games.  

Learning is much easier to do when it’s a fun game, so head outdoors and collect some nature treasures and then bring them in for some learning fun.

Here are some fun ways to include nature with your letter and numeral teaching for young learners.

  1. Use sticks and nature items to make letters and numbers. Numbers and letters can be tricky so this temporary way to make them is fun and you can easily fix them together if they are not quite right. Start by making it a game and doing them for your child and have them guess what number or letter you are making then swap over have them make a number or letter and you guess what it is.

  1. Here’s another number learning game. You start by making a numeral with sticks and then they put that numeral matching number of leaves down. So you make a numeral four and then your child counts out four leaves. You could use flowers or gum nuts whatever you have on hand.

  1. Practice names and basic words with your nature items.  Here we used Gum leaves and sticks to write and practice spelling of our names. It can be tricky trying to get the right shapes but they fun to make.  You could try gluing them on card and keeping for a while for a pretty nature craft.

  1. Write a letter on paper with a pencil and have your child follow that pencil mark to make the letter. This is great for beginners to learn the shape of letters. Start with some easy ones and see how they go. Try turning the paper over and see if they remember how they made that letter.


These nature crafts are great fun and don’t require any extra tools just the nature treasures you collect.   Gum leaves are great, we found lots of pink ones and green ones for this game. We also used Pine needles, Wattle leaves and Bougainvillea flowers.   Take the opportunity to go for a walk around your neighbourhood, park or local bushwalks.


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