Make Your Own Australian Bush Flower Bracelets

Date :
September 25, 2019

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore the new blooms in the neighbourhood. All these gorgeous flowers can be collected and taken home to create your very own Australian Bush Flower Bracelets. This simple activity will allow your child to be creative and it requires very little organisation to complete. A mixture of leaves, flowers, gumnuts and feathers can create a textured bracelet your kids will love wearing.

You will need:
• Scissors
• Scotch Masking Tape
• Bush flowers, leaves and nuts from Bush Hunt

Australian Bush Flower Bracelets


Step 1: Use an egg carton and go outside to collect some Australian bush flowers, leaves and gumnuts.

Australian Bush Flower Bracelets
Step 2: Measure the masking tape to size around your child’s wrist. Ensure it’s not too tight and the sticky side is on the outside.

Australian Bush Flower Bracelets
Step 3: Allow your child to make their own flower bracelet by choosing the items from their hunt. Why not make one yourself so you can match together?

Australian Bush Flower Bracelets

Australian Bush Flower BraceletsAustralian Bush Flower Bracelets

Step 4: Once complete, show off your bracelets with pride. These are a temporary bracelet, but you can keep making more and more from the bush treasures you’ve collected.

Australian Bush Flower Bracelets


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